Sunday, 17 April 2011

Android Developer Tutorial Websites

I've been pretty disappointed by the lack of Android developer tutorials online and have often spent ages trying to find out how to do something that I thought would pop up instantly after a quick Google.

Learning how to program for Android can be quite a task depending on your own background, so access to decent educational material is vital. From Android widget development to standard Android software app development and getting to grips with the Android SDK, there's potentially a lot to learn.

Anyway, here are some of the better sources for Android developer tutorials I've come across. If I find any more I'll add them to the list, feel free to add comments with any you've discovered yourself!

Android Developer Resources - Tutorials
OK, it may seem obvious but there are so many different ways to browse the official developer guide for Android that I find it useful to have several different parts of it bookmarked...

Vogella - Android Tutorials
Lars Vogel's site is one I find myself returning to again and again. The tutorials are detailed and the techniques always best practice. Thoroughly recommended.

IBM DeveloperWorks
The IBM site has loads of useful resources for many different types of development, and Android is no exception.
The site is a must-bookmark for anyone getting started with Android development in my view. I've found information here on numerous occasions that I couldn't find anywhere else.

Hello Android
It's a bit of an arbitrary mix but some of the tutorials on the Hello Android site are really useful.

The tutorials on the Tuts+ network all tend to be very detailed and in-depth, and the mobile site has quite a few good Android guides.

Romain Guy
This is a personal blog by an Android software engineer and has a really good range of Android developer tutorials on different topics.

Android Guys
A lot of the articles in the Tips and Tools section of Android Guys are aimed at users rather than developers, but there are a few development topics in there.

Talk Android
Mostly news-focused but with some guides, Talk Android is always worth a look.

Finally, here are links to some of mine on different sites:

That's it for the moment, if I remember or discover any more I'll add them.


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  3. Nice collection indeed. May we suggest for providing end-to-end tutorials on pro Android apps. Cheers!

  4. Very relevant as i personally visit most of these tutorial sites and a few more ... an Android newbie.